Seven Reasons To Choose Wood Veneer Over Laminate

A question that gets frequently get asked is “what’s the difference between a veneer and a laminate?” With so many options available in both, you might simply think it’s a case of picking the finish that appeals the most. It’s true that both provide a decorative surface, ideal for adding the finishing touch to an interior scheme or piece of furniture but that’s as far as the similarities go!

What Wood Veneers Are Made From

wood veneer is obtained by peeling a very thin slice of wood from a tree, whereas a laminate is man-made using decorative papers bonded with artificial resins.

Wood Veneers Look Better Than Laminates

Every piece of wood veneer is unique in appearance, offering a truly bespoke finish for your interior project, whereas a laminate is mass produced and inherently has an unavoidable, repetitive surface print.

Wood Veneers are More Customizable Than Laminates

The surface of a wood veneer is a natural product, which can be polished, lacquered, oiled or waxed as required, unlike the surface of a laminate, which can not be customized.

Laminates Are More Susceptible to Warping

Unlike wood veneers, laminates are not resistant to warping or fragmentation.

Wood Veneers Are More Environmentally Friendly

All wood veneers that we sell are sourced from responsibly harvested and sustainable woods. As a naturally sourced product, veneers are completely recyclable

Laminates Use Harmful Toxic Chemicals

Likewise, the manufacturing process of laminates involves the use of harmful chemicals in the bonding process and plastics, both of which are known to have a significantly detrimental impact on the environment, and are most definitely not recyclable.

Laminates are known to emit VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), which are toxic gases. They include benzene and acetone, harmful to both the environment and humans. As a natural product, wood veneers are non-toxic.

Wood Veneers Last Longer Than Laminates

With proper care, a wood veneer will age with beauty, just like wood. However, once the surface of a laminate is damaged, then the entire surface must be replaced.

Ultimately, whether you choose to purchase a wood veneer from our extensive portfolio of finishes, or a cheap laminate is totally up to you. But, if you want a quality product, which looks aesthetically pleasing, and you care about the environment, then a wood veneer is definitely the right way to go.

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