Our 2-ply wood veneer has a wood-on-wood construction utilizing a thin acrylic membrane that provides the ultimate protection against bubbling, glue seepage, and telegraphing. Two-ply veneer is one of the most cost-effective wood coverings for surfaces that are less than perfect or where exceptional stability is required.

You can browse through our 2-Ply Wood Veneer Menu alphabetically or gives us a call to (502) 330-5688 for more information on wood types and pricing:

Afromosia 4×8 Sheet

Bright gold, ribbon striped figure


Anigre Curly 4×8 Sheet


Anigre Figured 4×8 Sheet

Gold color with tight mottled or fiddleback figure


Black Limba

Light tan background with contrasting veins


Bubinga Quilted 4×8 Sheet

Great color with outstanding 3-D quilted figure. Wide widths available


Cherry Flat Swan Figured

Reddish pink with cathedral grain lines and shimmering curl or ropey figure



Cypress 4×8 Sheet

Light cream with tight vertical grain


Eucalyptus Beeswing

Quatersawn, bright gold with intense beeswing figure. Excellent Satinwood Substitute


Grey Dyed Rift White Oak

Grey Dyed Rift White Oak 4×10 Sheet

Light gray with tight even grain


Macassar Ebony 4×8 Sheet

Quartersawn, bold contrast, a classic!


Mahogany Crotch

Well defined plume figure, large sizes available


Makore Block Mottled

Deep red color with type model figure


Makore Quilted

Dark red with 3-D pillow quilt figure


Maple Birdseye

Medium to light birds eye figure. Range of sizes available


Maple Curly 4×8 Sheet

Light amber color with intense shimmering curl figure


Maple Quilted 4×4 Sheet

Clear maple with intense shimmering quilt


Mozambique 4×8 Sheet

Olive and gold with mottled figure


Olive Ash Burl*

Bright white with contrasting brown grain pattern and burl eyes


Rosewood Santos 4×8 Paper Backed Sheets

Flat and quartersawn, violet orange and brown, great marble grain


Rotary Cut Maple

Rotary Cut Curly Maple 4×8 Sheet


Royal Ebony 4×7 Sheet

White background with contrasting black grain lines

Sapele Pomelle 4×10 Sheet

Light orange to dark brick red in color, tight blister figure that jumps off the surface


Sapele Quartered Ribbon

Dark red with ribbon stripe figure and curl


Teak 4×8 Sheet

Even gold coloring with dark brown grain lines


Walnut Burl 3 X 7

Walnut Burl 4×7 Paper Backed Sheet


Walnut Quartered Beeswing

Chocolate brown with beeswing figure


Walnut Quartered Figured

Chocolate brown with black grain lines and curl figure



Quartersawn and flat sawn, black and dark brown


Zebrawood Quartered 4×8 Sheet

Cream background with Dark brown stripes