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We will work with you personally, taking the time to figure out exactly what you need to get the impressive results your project demands. Then, we can develop the perfect wood veneer sheets for your needs. Let’s learn a bit more about how these beautiful wood veneer sheets are made!

What Are Wood Veneer Sheets?

Wood veneers are very thin slices of natural wood. In general, they are less than 1/40 of an inch thick. Typically, these wood veneers are pressed onto laminated core materials such as plywood. That way, less wood can be used during the project. This reduces the cost of the project while still providing clients with access to the real wood. 

How Are Wood Veneer Sheets Used?

There are numerous situations where wood veneers might be used. They are highly aesthetic and complex components of commercial and residential projects. 

A few examples of situations where contractors and builders might use these veneers include:

  • Wood veneers are commonly used to create hardwood floors without using thick wood planks
  • Wood veneers can also be used on the walls and ceilings to add an aesthetic appeal
  • Wood veneers are also commonly involved in the production of furniture
  • A lot of contractors also use wood veneers in casework

Wood veneers can be used to save time, money, and would while also projecting a sense of fine, detailed craftsmanship and opulence.

What Are the Advantages of Real Wood Veneer Sheets?

If you decide to go with real wood veneer sheets, there are several significant advantages you will enjoy. These include:

  • Because wood is sliced so thin during this project, less wood is required to create each plank. For example, if the wood is sliced at 1/40 of an inch, then 40 wood veneer planks can be produced for each 1-inch thick plank of wood.
  • Because wood veneers do not use much wood, the cost of creating wood veneers is relatively low.
  • In addition, this is an environmentally friendly option because not as much wood is required.
  • You will have access to a wide variety of cutting options including plain sawn, quarter-sawn, and rift cut wood veneer sheets.
  • Thin word veneers are incredibly versatile, allowing them to be used in countless ways. You can place them wherever you need them in your project.

There are countless advantages that come with using wood veneers. 

At the same time, if you want to get the most out of these in years, you need to work with professionals who have been there before. That is where our team of wood veneer experts come in.

How Are Custom Wood Veneer Sheets Made?

Similar to hardwood lumber, wood veneer is produced at a mill similar to a saw mill. There are veneer logs, which comprise the best of all wood logs available, which are used for the project. They are first completely soaked in hot water. 

That way, the fibers are softer and easier to slice. Then, after they have been soaked, the logs are prepared for the slicing machine.

Even though there are different options available for slicing wood veneers, they all require a sharp knife that can create micro thin slices. The most common options include rift cuts, rotary cuts, and flat cuts. 

The direction of the cut produces a specific grain pattern. Then, after the wood veneers have been cut, they are put through a drying process. They can be put together in bundles that relate to the original log from which they are cut. 

Finally, they can be customized to meet the needs of each individual project. It takes years of experience to know how to produce quality and long-lasting wood veneer sheets that look great. That is why you should work with the professional team from Rosebud Veneer if you need help with your veneer sheets. 

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