Whether it´s to increase the value, increase function and style, or simply to increase the enjoyment and comfortability of your home or office space, renovating has many benefits and joys.

Wood veneer is a very exciting product to use in renovation. From beautiful vibrant reds such as the exotic Heartwood, rich ebony and walnut browns, to creamy white maple, oak and unique burls — the creation choices are endless.

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Recently, Rosebud Veneer has had the pleasure of providing the wood veneer for a well renowned distillery, Rabbit Hole Distillery of Louisville, Ky.

Rabbit Hole, heralded as “the new architectural icon on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail”, decided to take the plunge and remodel. Doing away with some of the older, darker tones they had, they went with a white rift oak wood veneer from Rosebud Veneer on the islands, the new humidor, and accents on the walls —giving the main entrance a much brighter, cutting-edge modern look. You can see some before and after pictures of the project here.

Image Credit to Andrew Kung for “Big Apple In The Blue Grass” by Bridget Williams for Sophisticated Living

Featured in the cover story “Big Apple In The Bluegrass” in Sophisticated Living of Louisvilledesigner Ron Wolz of Bittners recently finished a remodeling project working with architect Ed Krebs and builder Kiel Thomson.

Wood Veneer from Rosebud Veneer featured throughout the renovated home gave it just enough warmth and the right touch. The various wood veneers used in the project, such as the rich mahogany wood veneers used in the archways and above the windows and the exotic Rosewood Santos wood veneer used in the canopy in the bedroom, along with other fine art, artifacts and furniture, turned a penthouse into a unique showroom of modern sophistication.


Image Credit to Daniel Newcomb, Jupiter, FL

Showcased in the Florida Design Magazine, this13,000-square-foot design project off the gulf coast in Naples, Florida showcases a intriguing art and breathtaking views.

And with such prominince, the incorporation of rich Walnut and Rosewood Santos wood veneers from Rosebud Veneer play the most important role in making the Port Royal Community lofty abode into a very warm and welcoming home.

At Rosebud Veneer we look forward to serving our clients and their various needs from all over the world. Whether you are remodeling a bar, building an office, or needing to turn any place into a more inviting space, we are here to offer you only the best.

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