Wood veneer paneling is the smart choice for cost-effective, durable, and beautiful projects. Wood veneer paneling is an excellent option for interior design projects, furniture, flooring, and everything in between.

Wood veneer wall panels will provided a touch of warmth to settings like offices and conference rooms. Many offices, homes, and public areas use wood veneers as a beautiful addition to existing architecture, interior design layouts, flooring, and even furniture.

Wood veneer panels are made out of thin layers of wood, usually 3mm in thickness or less, placed over core panels to produce beautiful paneling for cabinets, doors, parquet floors and more.

Why Choose Wood Veneer Panels For Your Next Project?

Modern wood veneer paneling is extremely durable, cost effective, and beautiful.
In fact, when a tree with rare markings is cut down, it is typically turned into wood veneer wall panels, panels for furniture, or other veneers in order to preserve its beauty and unique markings.No two custom wood veneer panels are the same, and they come in a variety of colors, natural markings, and striking patterns.Wood veneer panels are also extremely strong and durable. This is due to the fact that thin wood is reinforced using waterproof, construction-grade adhesive.

Custom Wood Veneer Panels

Custom Wood veneer panels for projects can be produced in as little as a week. This makes it the perfect choice for businesses and contractors looking to complete projects with a tight deadline. Wood veneer panels come in a variety of patterns. Because the wood that they originate from is thinly cut, it is also much easier for customers to find rare wood types and markings through wood veneers.

These consist of markings such as zebrawood, walnut burl, royal ebony, sapele pommele, makore quilted, and so many others. Even expensive woods such as Brazilian rosewood can be made into veneers. Once someone chooses the type of veneer they want, pricing is usually given as price per square feet.

High-quality custom wood veneer panels aren’t cheap, but they are also built to last and can be used in a variety of furniture, built-in displays, and even as wood veneer wall panels.