Prized for its unique striped wood grain with gray and bluish-green hues or tan-brown creamy beiges, white oak veneers and planking are ideal for many contemporary design tastes. Premium grades of rift white oak veneer is often referred to as rift sawn white oak. Designers who choose red or white oak veneers can opt for rift or comb grain white oak cuts.

The characteristics of white oak tend to include a medium/course texture that boasts and alternating porous to tight grain. 

Due to its unusual cell structure and an abundance of tylose within these cells, white oak is very strong, decay resistant, moisture resistant and extremely dense.

Depending on the species of wood being used, there are four potential cuts: flat cut, quarter cut, rotary cut or rift cut. Rift cut is more costly, but this American hardwood is the most popular choice for numerous indoor and outdoor building applications for a number of reasons.

Rift white oak veneer produces the strongest boards possible, are easy to work with, and offers the most consistent visual appearance with long, straight grain patterns. 

This veneer has almost no defects, but standard grade rift cut patterns allow for occasional mineral streaks or pin knots.

The Many Uses of Rift White Oak Veneer in Construction

Builders and contractors who specialize in making fine furniture and using top-quality hardwood flooring planks often encourage their clients to take a good look at rift white oak. Because they offer consistent design patterns, these hardy panels can be attached to core substrates. They can easily establish an opulent look, whether it’s a new installation or a component being refurbished.

Let’s look at some of the most common rift white oak veneer applications and uses. Interior architectural projects for structures such as office lobbies and reception areas, hotel common areas, cruise shops, board rooms or anywhere wall or ceiling paneling is heavily employed are perfect for wood veneer. 

Rift white oak veneer is a superior alternative to costly solid wood that also minimizes the project’s carbon footprint while maximizing natural resources.

While it is excellent for parquet style and hardwood mock floors due to its imperviousness to stains, water penetrations, scratches and its durability, another common use is for casework.  Rift sawn white oak veneer cabinets are especially growing in popularity, as are its use for bar facings, furnishings, decorative edging and doors.

Another area of use for rift white oak veneer that is popular is for the interior of yachts, ships and boats of all sizes. It is optimal for applications such as boats due to it weighing less than wood. Overall, it’s a good choice wherever weight is of concern, but one still desires the illusion of solid wood and a robust final product.

The Process of Crafting Custom Rift White Oak Veneer

Slicing veneer to create rift white oak veneer cabinets, wall or ceiling panels, flooring or furniture applications, may call for a variance in the angle and procedures followed during cutting. The grain pattern and any flaws in the materials may also play a role in the final decision for cuts.

Oak has radiating medullary ray cells that, when cut, show an interior pattern that resembles that of wheel spokes. Rift cutting for flat panels is the process of slicing the veneer from the oak log at a 15-degree angle. This leaves a striped, straight grain appearance without flaking common to many woods during the cutting procedure.

Builders and designers appreciate that only the rarest and finest logs are sent to reputable veneer companies like Rosebud Veneer for culmination into these lovely panels. Not only is quality important to the woodworkers, but responsible cutting expands the amount of wood that is usable, decreasing the impact on our environment and improving the margins of all involved. 

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