Latin Name: Khaya Ivorensis
Common Name(s): Khaya, African mahogany crotch
Sources: West and Central Africa


Typically red to red-brown, and darker than South American mahoganies, this species often develops a plain to ropey stripe, and may be marked with highly decorative cross figuring. Crotch veneers with vivid, flame-like patterns are one of nature’s most beautiful works of art.

Grain/ Texture

Grain is straight to interlocked, with a medium to coarse texture. Good natural luster with a light-refracting optical phenomenon known as chatoyancy.


Easy to work, glue, and finish. Tearout can sometimes be a problem if the grain is interlocked.


Acoustic Panels, Architectural Panels, Cabinetry, Ceilings. Conference Tables, Doors, Marquetry, Millwork, Residential Furniture, Store Fixtures, Systems Furniture


Readily available in a variety of lumber sizes, as well as plywood and veneer. Prices are low to moderate for an imported hardwood.