Latin Name: Eucalyptus globules
Common Name(s): Pompas Oak, Lyptus, Tasmanian Oak, Chilean Oak
Sources: South Africa


Eucalyptus is a lively veneer prized for the exotic, shimmering ripple effect in its grain. It’s available in a wide range of colors in its natural state—as well as a rich chocolate-brown when fumed, replicating the look of rich African or tropical woods. Eucalyptus produces a range of outstanding figures—most notably a strong fiddleback or bee’s wing figure—and stunning burls that are typically larger than most burls, producing well-sized sheets of rotary cut veneer. 

Grain/ Texture

Has a medium texture and small to medium sized open pores. The grain tends to be straight and even. Also, since the wood is grown and pruned on a plantation, there tends to be few knots or other abnormal grain patterns.


Generally easy to work, though it can burn easily. Glues, stains, and finishes well.


Acoustic Panels, Architectural Panels, Cabinetry, Ceilings, Conference Tables, Doors, Millwork, Store Fixtures


Should be reasonably priced, especially  for an import. (This is most likely due to the source of the wood: which is exclusively grown on plantations)