Latin Name: Pterocarpus Indicus 

Common Name(s): Amboyna Burr, Amboyna Burl, Philippine Paduak, Solomon’s Paduak, Papua New Guinea Rosewood, Narra Burl 
Sources: East Indes, The Phillippines


Amboyna is among the most expensive and sought-after of all burls, and is frequently sold as veneer or as small turning/craft blanks. Some suppliers specify “Red Amboyna” for material with the typical rich reddish brown heartwood, or “Golden Amboyna” for pieces with lighter yellowish brown coloration. It’s not unusual for pieces to contain sharply contrasting yellowish sapwood.

Grain/ Texture

Moderately fine to moderately coarse texture with a crossed and irregular grain pattern


Amboyna is commonly used for fine furniture, turned objects, electric guitar tops, knife/gun grips, and other small specialty wood items.



Amboyna Burl