Veneer Wood

Veneer is typically an extremely thin sheet of rich-colored hardwood cut and matched in a pattern to be applied to a thicker and more durable substrate. Wood veneer is the superior product when compared with sheets of plastic laminate making it a renewable resource. Wood veneer’s beauty is timeless and looks richer, distinctive and never goes out of style, making it a popular choice of laminate. Veneers can be found on everything from furniture, domestic fittings such as doors and flooring, commercial fittings like fire doors, office furniture and paneling. Our range of hardwood, softwood and raw veneers enables the unique beauty and character of natural timber to be used economically and renewably.

Veneers are growing in popularity as the natural choice for unique, strong and durable pieces of furniture and fittings. They’re undoubtedly the kindest choice of wood sheets for our environment too. Browse our range of veneers by type or use our search function. We ship anywhere in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago areas.

Raw Wood Veneers

We offer raw wood veneer for the most affordable means of veneering small to medium size projects.

Raw wood veneers are consecutive wood sheets that match each other. It’s basically thin non-backed wood, making it an ideal and affordable option for small to medium size veneering projects. Visit our Raw Wood Veneer Menu and choose the right veneer for your project.

2-Ply/ Wood Backed Veneers

Wood-on-wood, also known as “2-ply veneer” is two wood veneers permanently bonded together.

The face veneer grain is perpendicular to the backer veneer which provides protection against bubbling which occurs when a veneer is improperly bonded to the substrate. This type of “crossband construction” allows the veneer to bend on moderate curves in the horizontal or vertical direction. Visit our 2-Ply Wood Veneer Menu and choose the right veneer for your project.

Paper Backed Wood Veneers

Paperbacked veneer is a real wood veneer permanently bonded to a paper backing.

It strengthens materials to making it sturdy for easy handling. These reinforce wood grains to make them more flexible, reducing the worry of damaging the wood.

Enhancing Every Design

Whether you choose the traditional beauty of naturally grained veneer or the designer appeal of dyed veneers, there’s a color palette to enhance every design. We have raw, paperbacked and wood backed veneer sheets for every project you have in mind. Proudly serving New York, Los Angeles and Chicago areas.