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In the mid-1990s, while working in fine-furniture design as a wood veneer merchant, we had the opportunity to acquire some of the highest quality exotic wood veneers in the world. Today, we are a full-service wood veneer supplier, we have a large inventory that can meet any of your needs. We take great pride in working with our many unique suppliers, both local and worldwide, to provide with the exact material needed for all sorts of projects.

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If you’re looking for quality wood veneer, you’ve come to the right place. We at Rosebud Veneer have various great veneers by the sheet and in small, affordable lots. Our vast inventory of veneer faces and flitches makes us the top supplier of wood veneers across New York, Los Angeles and Chicago and are best suited to meet the demands of jobs of all sizes in either long or short grain orientation.

We understand a woodworker’s needs and will work with you on any size project. Browse our wood veneer menu of top quality veneers, if you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us. Many items are available through special order. Choose the right backer for furniture making, cabinet refacing, architectural panels, marine and aircraft interiors, or anything you can dream up. From single bundles, full flitch, to lumber and full logs, we can provide you with exactly what you need. We strive to ensure accurate photographic representation on this site.

Our Name

How our company name originated is based from a name of a special sled that inspired greatness from an award winning 1949 film. We at Rosebud Veneer are inspired to help you achieve your own greatness with top quality products and excellent customer service.

We are a locally owned wood veneer merchant and can make an integral commitment to the manufacturing industry with top-of-the-line, competitively-priced products, while maintaining a personal commitment to our customers. Proudly serving New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Dallas, and Chicago areas.

We welcome your questions and comments. Please let us know how we are doing.